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  • Done in Five Years: Securing Your Financial Future with Linda Stapf
  • Ep 96: Done in Five Years: Securing Your Financial Future with Linda Stapf

    On today’s show, Dr. Sabrina sits down with Linda Stapf, CPA and Financial Advisor with Stapf Financial Services.

    Linda is a Breakthroughs on the Bayou Retreat alumna. She has been to several of the Breakthroughs on the Bayou 4 Week Vacation™Retreats. She was very inspired by the activity that the participants did with Sir Steven Wilkinson for their VIP day. As they played “Gator Tank”, Linda observed different business owners getting very excited all of a sudden over the possibility of selling their businesses.

    Right now, Linda Stapf has set aside tax returns to get curious about business owners who are putting off retirement. She is surveying business owners to get some answers and sharing the story of the extra million dollars.

    Listen in to this conversation and get ready for some powerful thought-provoking information. You’ll very likely come away with some much bigger ideas for yourself concerning your future.

    Show Highlights:

    • Linda has been studying her top clients, who are small business owners. What she has noticed is many of them want to sell their businesses within five years.
    • Linda has also noticed that every year, the five-year target resets.
    • Dr. Sabrina provides context about the 2020 Breakthroughs on the Bayou 4 Week Vacation™ Retreat, where Linda saw some business owners getting excited as they were thinking about what they would do with their time after their business sold. 
    • Linda shares her observations regarding the game participants, and how it has had a profound effect on what she brings to her own clients.
    • Take one day out of your month, look at your results, and figure out if you would buy your business the way it stood right now. If not, what would you fix about it?
    • Over the course of 10 years and working with 3 clients, she was able to help them save $600,000. They’ve been able to push money into retirement accounts, and there’s an extra million dollars that each one of those business owners now has.
    • The importance of utilizing Profit First principles.
    • Dr. Sabrina discusses the Survival Trap Image and how we can align our actions on an ongoing basis to be a direct path towards our vision.
    • When thinking of your retirement, if you can’t see yourself going to work every day, what do you do with your time? A 4 Week Vacation™ gives you space to explore this.
    • Linda was surprised to find that less than 20 percent of the client base that she has been serving since 1996 was business owners.
    • Answer Linda’s Done in Five Years survey and she’ll send you her story about business survival and the extra million dollars!
    • Linda hopes to understand what is holding business owners back from investing and setting themselves up for a financially secure future.
    • There’s a danger to those who think that their business is their retirement.
    • Take the time to think about who will run your business for you if you don’t have the right systems put in place. When you have your systems in place, you will be able to leave for a 4 Week Vacation™ or for family emergencies with peace of mind.


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