95: The Right Clients Bring Peace and Personal Growth with Andrew Tvardzik - Profit by Design Podcast


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  • The Right Clients Bring Peace and Personal Growth with Andrew Tvardzik
  • 95: The Right Clients Bring Peace and Personal Growth with Andrew Tvardzik

    On today’s episode, Dr. Sabrina, The Business Psychologist™, introduces us to Andrew Tvardzik. Andrew and his family have been a part of the Better Business, Better Life™ program for the last two years. During this conversation, you will hear about the transformation that has been taking place in their business and Andrew shares the challenges that they’ve experienced and how they are overcoming those challenges.

    You may be surprised at how rapidly it’s possible to experience a higher quality of life and a business that is much more profitable and sustainable. Listen in to gain insights that you’ll be able to use in your own business as you work towards designing your own sustainably profitable business that supports the lifestyle you desire.

    Andrew Tvardzik was first introduced to running a business at 10 years of age. He started mowing lawns and built an impressive clientele for a 10-year-old. At 14, he got a job working for a restaurant facilities maintenance company. Andrew worked there for 11 years doing everything from sweeping the warehouse to running crews as a lead man to operations managers. In 2015, he went into business with his father doing remodeling and real estate investing. In 2018, they added Andrew’s brother, Samuel, to the team and started Cedar Ridge Log Homes. Their goal is to become the premier cedar log home builders in Deep Creek, Maryland.

    Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group.

    Show Highlights:

    • Andrew shares an overview of his family’s business and how, when they realized that things weren’t going the way they planned, they found the Tap the Potential team.
    • Two of their main issues included a need to reduce work hours and to find clients that were a better fit.
    • The right clients are out there looking for you, and when they find you, it will give you the confidence to realize you don’t have to take all the jobs/opportunities that present themselves. 
    • Andrew relates the peace he feels now that he’s been able to identify his ideal clients through focusing on who he was serving and why he was serving them.
    • Andrew describes the way his personal life has changed over the last couple of years.
    • Immutable laws are protective of you.
    • There’s so much personal growth that happens in identifying our business sweet-spot because we have to claim our strengths.
    • Andrew shares his reaction to a distraught client when asked about the future of his business and his ability to complete her house during this pandemic. His answer will amaze you!
    • Moments happen when you’re tempted to give up, just short of success. Believing in the process and persevering is what took Andrew through those tough moments.
    • Dr. Sabrina explains the psychology behind our struggle with change and how to overcome the self-defeating thoughts that often accompany change.


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