85: Seizing Opportunities in Anticipation of an Economic Turn-Around with Erin Longmoon - Profit by Design Podcast


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  • Seizing Opportunities in Anticipation of an Economic Turn-Around with Erin Longmoon
  • 85: Seizing Opportunities in Anticipation of an Economic Turn-Around with Erin Longmoon

    In light of the Corona Virus event that is currently going on, many companies are finding it necessary to downsize during this economic slump and have unanswered questions about what might be coming next.

    There is another side to this situation, however: This may actually be the perfect time to recruit and hire your A-players. On today’s show, Sabrina, Mike, and their guest, Erin Longmoon, owner of Zephyr Recruiting, LLC, discuss seizing opportunities in anticipation of an economic turn-around.

    Listen in to learn how you can use this uncertain time to your advantage!

    Erin Longmoon’s mission in life is to eradicate toxic workplaces. She believes that everyone deserves to love their job and feel like they are contributing to a greater purpose. As the owner of Zephyr Recruiting LLC, she accomplishes this mission by matching great small businesses with their RIGHT FIT™ employees.

    Erin has more than two decades of experience helping small businesses and has owned five businesses herself. The passion to eradicating toxic workplaces comes from a place a lot of us can resonate with. When Erin was an employee at a company with a toxic workplace, she saw firsthand how the culture impacted everyone on a deep level. The toxic workplace reduced morale and productivity, followed her home, and led good employees to quit.  

    She dreams of changing people’s lives by helping them realize that they are deeply worthy. She also dreams about being the next Stevie Nicks and being friends with the Dalai Lama. Her magic powers are empathy, ability to read people, coming up with new and awesome ideas, and making a perfectly cooked filet mignon. As the owner of Zephyr Recruiting, she oversees an amazing work-at-home team that shares her passion for supporting great places to work.

    Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group.

    Show Highlights:

    • This is an opportunity to rebuild the employee brand of the company.
    • This is also an opportunity to find new A-players that would be an asset to your team.
    • Erin addresses various reasons why the hiring market currently has a healthy supply of A-players.
    • Many of the Tap the Potential clients have been doing Profit First so they are in a very strong cash position.
    • It takes around 40 hours to recruit per role, according to Erin.
    • Some of Zephyr’s clients are hiring people on a contingency basis. They make an offer to the one A-player they don’t want to lose.
    • When you’re hiring, present an offer that is a little higher than the going rate, and then over time show them how you’re going to get them to the 90th percentile for pay over the next year or two, assuming they hit certain benchmarks.
    • Some states are allowing employees to come on board for a limited number of hours per week for on-boarding and training without it affecting their unemployment.
    • Dr. Sabrina shares how her clients in the construction industry say business is booming. Traditionally, certain positions have been very hard to fill but now it is an employee market.
    • Erin explains “Employee Brand Marketing”.
    • Dr. Sabrina explains how this Profit By Design podcast always encourages the building of sustainably profitable businesses and shares hiring tips from her book,  How to Hire the Best.
    • Erin and Dr. Sabrina discuss the importance of wording job descriptions.
    • Zephyr differentiates itself from other recruiting companies in a number of ways.
    • There are two places where the interview process can go awry: the interview and failure to check references. Zephyr puts in some extra steps here to avoid the snafus.
    • Download your Employee Brand Marketing Strategy Checklist HERE!
    • Erin will walk you through the checklist on a webinar May 7th, 2020 at 3pm EDT. You can register HERE!
    • Be sure to check the full show notes for additional resources and discounts that Erin is offering!

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