73: The Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship with Rochelle Rizzi - Profit by Design Podcast


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  • 73: The Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship with Rochelle Rizzi
  • 73: The Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship with Rochelle Rizzi

    If you’ve ever felt alone or lost your way during your entrepreneurial journey, you’ll want to listen in to this riveting and inspiring conversation between Dr. Sabrina and her guest, Rochelle Rizzi.

    Rochelle Rizzi is a member of the Tap the Potential team and she also has her own business, Le Vrai Nord. Rochelle has a powerful story to share with you about her entrepreneurial journey. Rochelle’s story is one of losing yourself in your business, facing our greatest fears and rising again. You will resonate with many of the touch-points in her story. 

    As an entrepreneur, a writer, a systems-thinker, and motivational leader, Rochelle aims to be purposeful with her own life and a reliable, passionate partner to her own clients.

    As a career, Rochelle is a marketing and operations strategist for her clients. Her love of culture, creativity, and communications brings together teams for measurable successes while having fun and building employee engagement.

    Rochelle is the mother of four beautiful boys and lives between Tampa, Florida, and East Lansing, Michigan, traveling the world as much as possible in between all the basketball and baseball games.

    Show Highlights:

    • Rochelle describes how she came up with her company name, its unique meaning to her, and the decision she made to reach out to Dr. Sabrina.
    • The financial lessons Rochelle learned before she started implementing Profit First were devastating ones.
    • Rochelle shares how she conceived her vision while frustrated.
    • “What If”
    • Dr. Sabrina divulges the dark point in her own life that solidified the need to create a business that didn’t rely on her.
    • Why Rochelle has taken the 4 Week Vacation™ Pledge. 
    • What’s it like to work with Tap the Potential? Rochelle details how it is important to her.
    • Dr. Sabrina explains the draw of immutable laws.
    • Be clear on who you are, what your business is meant to do, where your sweet spot is, and what kind of people you want to cultivate.
    • Rochelle imparts the business wisdom she gained along her journey.
    • Self-doubt sets entrepreneurs up to be extremely susceptible to depression in the low moments of our businesses. It is important to remember, especially during these times, that suicide and depressive thoughts are fleeting thoughts and these thoughts will pass.
    • You are more than the success of your business!
    • It’s important to surround yourself with the best people.

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