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  • 58: How to Implement Hire the Best™ Strategies
  • 58: How to Implement Hire the Best™ Strategies with Chad and Diane Hatfield

    The Contractor’s Edition of How To Hire The Best is just a week away from launch and is now available for pre-sale on Amazon!

    Dr. Sabrina and Mike sit down with Chad and Diane Hatfield, owners of Hatfield Builders and Remodelers in Plano, TX to discuss insights they’ve had as they implemented the How To Hire The Best System™, things that they’ve learned, and things they do differently now to create a great place to work.

    Chad, Diane, and Mike are featured prominently in Dr. Sabrina’s new book, so join in as they share their stories, and don’t miss the discussion on The Choice Map™, a powerful mindset tool that Dr. Sabrina shares with clients at Tap the Potential.

    Show Highlights:

    • Control is just fear. We can only control ourselves, we can’t control how other people receive things.
    • Diane observed that over the last 15 years of business, Chad has filled every role possible. As other people stepped into those positions, he found it very stressful that they weren’t doing as good a job as he was, and he felt as if he had to do it all by himself.
    • Mike recalls how, before he started working with Dr. Sabrina, he was very frustrated and angry because he felt he always had to fix things. His employees felt this, and it drifted over into his family life, as well. Once he was able to work on changing his mindset, he was able to rebuild himself foundationally. It was at this point that he observed that the way he was acting was directly impacting everything around him.
    • When we find ourselves constantly blaming our employees, we have to look at ourselves first and look at how we can become the leader we need to be to have this team that we want to have.
    • Chad shares the encouraging and painful words that a peer from shared with him: “Build others up while learning humility and reach your true potential.” These words have a profound impact on his life.
    • If you’re blaming others, then you’re a victim, and you’re not responsible for it. It’s not your fault, other people are doing it. Building others up and learning humility is the antithesis of that. It’s accepting responsibility for everything that occurs around you, and everything you control yourself. It takes a lot of courage to face your inner demons.
    • When something goes wrong, ask yourself what was your responsibility? What was your role in it? Think about it from the other side. Determine how to communicate better and how best to solve the problem.
    • Chad notes how similar he and Mike were, and witnessing the profound shift that Mike made. This inspired him to make his own changes. 
    • The Choice Map™ is a tool that has an immediate impact. Dr. Sabrina explains how to avoid The Judger Pit. 
    • The questions we ask determine the solutions we find.
    • If you focus on blame, everyone is going to go down that path and nobody wins.
    • Dr. Sabrina explains that respect is often cited by A-players as an attribute that makes a company a great place to work. Nobody wants to be yelled at or belittled on job sites or in front of team members, as this is very humiliating.
    • If you have a bad reputation as a bad boss on the street, you’re not going to be able to attract A-players.
    • Mindset is at the heart of a respectful culture.
    • Surround yourself with people who remind you of your better self.

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