39: Using Systems to Gain Freedom in Your Business with Randall Soules - Profit by Design Podcast


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  • 39: Using Systems to Gain Freedom in Your Business with Randall Soules
  • 39: Using Systems to Gain Freedom in Your Business with Randall Soules

    Did you know that systems will make you successful? Randall Soules is a systems guy. He has always had a profitable business and attributes this to his systems. In today's episode, he will be talking to us about the impact that systems can have on smoothing out the emotional ups and downs that clients and customers experience in dealing with our businesses. Tune in now, to find out more.

    Randall Soules is one of six children of missionary parents to Brazil. He had no experience with carpentry until the age of 23, after three years of trying his hand at mechanical engineering at the University of Virginia. He has always enjoyed working with his hands and mechanical engineering didn't cut it for him. He started as a laborer and worked his way through the carpentry apprenticeship program, winning the city and state apprenticeship contest and going on to the national contest in Las Vegas. He started his own company, Soules Construction, in 1978, doing anything he could to feed his wife and two boys. He quickly made a name for himself in the city of Chattanooga. In 1985, he merged with another company and started Artis and Soules, Inc. It was in this company, running at times five crews, that he created simple, effective systems to navigate the complex field of remodeling. His company moved into high-end design building remodeling, becoming the go-to company in the city. He retired at the age of 60, and now spends his time podcasting, writing, and creating content for his membership site, The Scientific Remodeling System. 

    Show Highlights:

    • Randall's business focuses on educating about scientific remodeling systems. He explains why that is important to him.
    • The marvel of having all your systems in place.
    • Randall's wife never visited a job site. She just worked with the information that Randall brought her to do the estimations.
    • Her estimations would be correct within 5% every time.
    • Randall used to think that helping his clients was giving them a really good price. Now he knows that helping them is charging a price where he makes a really good profit.
    • What a 50% margin means to Randall.
    • Randall talks about a really tough customer he had.
    • Rough jobs are worth it when you've priced them appropriately.
    • Randall explains why systems are everything.
    • Randall explains how long it took to build and refine a system. 
    • Randall gives a realistic idea of what incorporating his scientific remodeling system in your business could do for your business.
    • You have to believe in a system and try it, to make it work for you.
    • Randall explains why, for sales, you shouldn't go to your customer's homes. They should come to you.
    • Opportunities for women in the construction industry.
    • The kinds of emotional ups and downs that systems could prevent or smooth out in a remodeling project.
    • Randall explains the zero punch list.
    • Why Randall's small business has always been profitable.
    • Randall talks about the great trips he has taken with his family, as a result of having systems in place in his business.
    • Randall explains how important it is to be passionate about your life and to enjoy what you do.
    • The different topics that Randall talks about on The Remodeling Business Blueprint Podcast.


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