108: Vision 2021 with Stacey Seguin - Profit by Design Podcast


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  • Vision 2021 with Stacey Seguin
  • 108: Vision 2021 with Stacey Seguin

    Stacey Seguin, valued team member of Tap the Potential, joins Dr. Sabrina for today’s show.
    As the Tap the Potential lead strategist Stacey specializes in Profit First and Pumpkin Planning. She supports Tap the Potential’s clients with guidance toward advancing their company goals while assisting them through business challenges they encounter on their entrepreneurial journey

    It’s that time of year when clients are renewing their engagement with Tap the Potential beyond their first year, and Dr. Sabrina and Stacey offer a glimpse into what is needed to get their clients to the next level. This involves a customized action plan that is based on an individual client’s wins and successes for the year.

    One of Tap the Potential’s immutable laws is to walk the talk. So, in true transparency and example, this inspiring conversation between Dr. Sabrina and Stacey also shares evaluations and insights regarding the strategies of Tap the Potential to meet the 2021 Vision.

    Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group.

    Show Highlights:

    • Stacey recaps her most recent wins and successes.

    • Profit First is a very simple system, yet there are principles that can be misunderstood which can have big consequences.

    • Tap the Potential guides business owners through the Profit First implementation, helping them to avoid those potentially costly misunderstandings.

    • Stacey addresses a recent presentation she gave on the Energy Leadership model, which is leading your life by choice, rather than by default. This has provided an opportunity to bring the Energy Leadership Assessment and debrief to Tap the Potential for leadership teams.

    • Dr. Sabrina and Stacey discuss the MVP (Mission, Vision, and Purpose) Series that Darren and Stacey teach to Tap the Potential clients. This helps the clients with strengthening the foundation of their businesses.

    • Stacey relates how important a support structure is within a company.

    • Dr. Sabrina shares her exciting 2021 Vision and invites Stacey to coach her afterward.

    • Stacey explains how our personal visions can have a massive impact on company legacy.

    • Tap the Potential’s Leadership Bootcamp is for clients’ A-player team members who are ready to step into leadership roles in the business.

    • Business owners who complete the Leadership Bootcamp often take the communication skills that they’ve learned back home and teach it to their families.

    • Remember, it’s not about how much you make, but about how much you keep!

    • A sabbatical concept is so important in the context of a 4 Week Vacation™ because a sabbatical means stepping away from the day to day and creating that space to do deeper-thought work.

    • Dr. Sarina shares some final thoughts on the emotional pieces to creating a vision and hopes that you will make some space for creating your own vision.

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