103: The 4—No, Wait!—7 Week Vacation! Why It’s Possible (and Important) to Step Out of Your Business - Profit by Design Podcast


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  • The 4—No, Wait!—7 Week Vacation! Why It’s Possible (and Important) to Step Out of Your Business
  • 103: The 4—No, Wait!—7 Week Vacation! Why It’s Possible (and Important) to Step Out of Your Business

    On today’s episode, join Dr. Sabrina and Mike Bruno as they reconnect after Dr. Sabrina’s seven-and-a-half week vacation. Listen in as they discuss the positive outcomes of the vacation and Mike’s exciting new project, Employee Zero. In true work supports life fashion, they converse about all of the other fun and exciting things they’ve been focusing on over the last couple of months. Plus, you’ll get a sneak peek at what’s happening in the near future at Tap the Potential!

    Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group.

    Show Highlights:

    • Employee Zero is a program that teaches business owners how to be more profitable by utilizing virtual assistants and putting a system in place around this core group of employees that support your other systems.
    • This business model allows customers to have a more personal, hands-on experience, and also allows the business owner as well as the core employees to focus on the systems. Having great systems in place allows the owner to take those extended vacations.
    • Dr. Sabrina’s Vision 2021 for Tap the Potential: It’s getting good!
    • What prioritizing effectiveness can do for you and your business.
    • Dr. Sabrina’s time spent away from Tap the Potential was partly sabbatical and partly used to work on her next two books:
      • How to Hire the Best: The Entrepreneurs Ultimate Guide to Attracting Top-Performing Team MembersLaunching November 18, 2020
      • The 4 Week Vacation™Expected to Release March 2021
    • How the business owners who are in How to Hire the Best: The Entrepreneurs Ultimate Guide to Attracting Top-Performing Team Members will be honored will be revealed at the book launch!
    • Mike describes the creativity and freedom experienced during a 4 Week Vacation.
    • Dr. Sabrina expresses her gratitude as to how her business and her team are set up so that she can take extended time away.
    • Tap the Potential clients often come back from their 4 Week Vacations and state that they’d love for their team members to be able to take one, too.
    • The beauty and value of team members who can pick up the slack of other team members who have to be away for an extended period of time.
    • The message that you send to your team members if you’re constantly checking in on them while you’re away.
    • Business owners are no longer confined to a local talent pool when it comes to hiring.
    • Little things that happen while we’re on vacation force us to make the business stronger.


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    Accidental Genius: Revolutionize Your Thinking Through Private Writing by Mark Levy

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